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Writings of Eowyn Cenek

Flibsy: the writings of a young short gnomish bard who travelled in hostile lands.

Jesus Christ Superstar: the revised libretto. What if Jesus Christ was the man in charge of the OS/2 development team. What if the Pharisees were running the Windows 3.1 team? What if someone had drunk too much coffee?

Here Be Dragon Bait v0.9: once upon a time we were issued scrap paper while writing a senior calculus exam. And we got to keep the paper. And we couldn't leave early. So I wrote this. TYhe lyrics need cleaning up someday.

The Lord of the Werewolves: this song was once the inspiration for a weekend long live roleplaying adventure hosted with about 80 players. And it, too, was written in calculus. For some reason, calculus inspires ... poetry.

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