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Pretty Lady Drendari Woman

Pretty Lady, Hair so fair,
Dark her skin and dark her hair.
White her eyes as snow at night,
Shadows moving in the light.

The half-orc vanished in mid-thought.
The child he carried overwrought,
Appealed unto the lady fair,
Asked to be taken to him there.

The lady fair had bid him be,
Where he would be till he could see
The place where wishes had him be,
If he should wish a place to be.

The child he'd carried pleaded then,
To see the place that housed her men,
To see the home that she had built,
Far from the madding crowds and gilt.

The goddess carried child and man,
To one small room, where like a swan
The Half-Orc charged the Lady Fair,
Protecting the friends who joined him there.

But pillows in abandon scattered,
Across the room the child had battered
The half-orc, forced him from his path,
And muted somewhat mighty wrath.

The muted half-orc stood and fumed,
The pretty lady fair costumed
Told of her past and who she be,
A goddess told her tale to me!

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