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Here Be DragonBait
(Lyrics and Music E Cenek)

    My Lords, protect me from this fate,
    My Lords preserve me from this fate,
    I make such poorly dragonbait;
    My Lords protect me from this fate ...

I am alone, and bound in chains
Spreadeagled on granite terrain,
I cannot run, I cannot flee,
I lie and wait, in agony.

When will he come, that mighty beast,
When will he come, when will he feast,
Will prayer serve or will I die,
Oh can he see me where I lie?

I twist and turn, I pull the chain,
But nothing will my freedom gain
The beast swoops down, he claws at me
And breaks the chain, and I am free ...

He catches me between his claws
And reaches down with mighty jaws
I watch him bite, tear off my arm,
The spurting blood feels strangely warm...

But as I die I smile at last
I know his death will follow fast
The poison that they forced on me
Will see him die in agony ...

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