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Writings of Flibbertia Gibbet, by Eowyn Cenek

Flibbertia Gibbet was a character that wandered through the Realms of the Scarred Lands of a roleplaying campaign.

Being a hyperactive little bard, she tended to compose lots of different songs and poems, some of which I include here.

Flee! Turnabout is fair play; chasing the little people can sometimes result in unfortunate experiences.
If I was a Rhyming Rooster A party song, where people take turns inventing a verse.
The Long Vigil of the Vigil of Vesh Sometimes keeping a Vigil is easier when you leave the lights on.
My Darling Crossbow And Thy Quarrel At one point, a beautiful crossbow was given into Flibsy's keeping, so she wrote a little poem for it. And eventually she got to keep the crossbow, too.
Pretty Lady Drendari Woman Encountering a trickster demigoddess, she kidnapped our half-orc, before being persuaded to reunite everyone. Albeit in her palace. The half-orc took this poorly and tried to ... well. What do half orcs usually do when they're annoyed?

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