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Eowyn Cenek

Currently I am a high school math teacher at Hattiesburg High School, teaching Trigonometry, Advanced Algebra, and AP Calculus.

Most recently, I was a Continuing Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, at Okanagan University College, and a part-time PhD student in Computing Science at the University of Waterloo.

My primary research area is graph theory, or more broadly the analysis of algorithms.

I have a lot of hobbies; scuttlebutt insists my most successful hobby involves collecting hobbies. Evidence of some hobbies is available in other sections, especially the origami and roleplaying pages. Those are currently my most active "Argh! I'm not getting closer to graduating" activities.

Once upon a time it was 1997, and summer, and beautiful weather, and there was a little bit of shade in the quad at the University of Alberta.

As for my work and research experiences: here is my curriculum vitae. Last updated 31 Oct 2002
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