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Modular Platonic Dualities

The models built in this section are based on Jim Planck's penultimate module.

These were the first two dodecahedrons I folded. The smaller one uses paper whose dimensions are one quarter those of the paper for the larger module. The larger module stands approximately 10 cm tall.

These two models are an icosahedron and a dodecahedron, both folded from the same size paper. The colouring is used to emphasize that each is the dual of the other. Both models were made from modules using the same size of paper, and both modules have the same number of edges. Therefore, theoretically, both models mass the same.

The cube and the octahedron are also duals of one another, and the colouring reflects this. Again, both are folded from the same size paper, and both have the same number of edges.

Lastly; all of these models are made using modules made from the same size paper. So, just to compare the relative sizes ...

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