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Dutch Links

Dutch is my first language. English came ... oh ... months later. Possibly even years. Arguably very few years. Sort of.

So as an amusing sideline I've spent the Fall term of 2001 teaching the language lab portion of Dutch 101. Which got me reading dutch newspapers again, and prompted this page, which is basically an annotated list of links.

Dutch Newspapers

Internet Library: A collection of links to the websites of various dutch newspapers.

The Dutch Anthem

Wilhelmus includes a full translation of the dutch anthem, (although not apparently the dutch words) and a short history of William of Orange.

Wilhelmus van Nassov (in dutch): A website about the dutch national anthem includes the full lyrics, a recording of the anthem, and a history of William of Orange.

Dutch Fairy Tales

The Efteling (in dutch) was built in 1952, and designed by Anton Pieck to showcase a collection of fairy tales.

Sprookjesland (in Dutch): a collection of fairytales, poems, and other kids reading materials.

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