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Beadwork Projects

This small bag was made using the needleweaving approach Ann Benson documents. The base is is solid and stands 28 rows high; above that the bag is a square open weave, and closed with ribbons. The picture on the right was taken when the base was completed, but the upper half of the bag hadn't been added yet.
Using the same pattern as the bag, but weaving into a strip, makes a nice bracelet. It's closed using a lacing pattern and made with dark blue and silver seed beads, which make an excellent contrast.
A second, somewhat larger piece of needleweaving, the pouchwas made in three steps. First the green and purple section was created. Then a round silver and green bottom were added, and lastly the silver and green strip were added along the top to add a little height to the pouch.
In green and white, two brooches. A pin can be stuck through the loops on the ends, allowing you to pin the brooch to dress or cloak. Alternatively, a ribbon can be run through and behind the piece, to make a necklace or bracelet. The beadweaving is flexible enough to allow and and all of the above.
This bracelet was created using the peyote stitch, with fringe along one side. (And yes, it was my first attempt at beadweaving. Needleweaving is easier and faster.)
This necklace was created after seeing a two tone necklace at Fort Edmonton. I've never worn it, primarily because I wasn't paying attention while making it, and made it a little too long. Okay, a lot too long.

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